Add Custom Skin To MySpace Music Player.
Why did Willy Wonka shut down his Chocolate factory for so many years?
I fixed the code for most of the cropped players, so that the controls correctly align.

21 March: fixed new issue with the cropped down players (in myspace 2.0). IF you have an older version of the code, for any of the cropped down playlist players, you will need new code. Thankyou to the people who let me know these were no longer working.

I am removing some templates (those least used), and adding some new ones. The single Button player, no longer includes the volume.

MySpace 1.0, Internet Explorer ONLY, there is a problem with full sized playlist skins. I recommend instead using the template which sizes the full size player down slightly, but still shows up to 5 songs and the needed scroll bar.

Click Here for Issues with MySpace 2.0 Music Player Width
Code provided for both myspace 2.0 and the older version of Myspace
IF you have scroll boxes on your page, read this:
Solution for Issues With Scroll Boxes

To get the older myspace official skins (zune, boombox, black) Click Here

Choose a Player/Skin template from below. Single Song Player/Skin Templates:
If you have the Playlist version (MULTIPLE songs) Use one of the Below Choices:
Set Opacity (Transparency). This controls how faded the music player controls look and how much color or image shows through 0 = invisible 100 = NO Transparency
Choose a Background Color for Your SkinYou can use this feature with NO skin image, or with an image that has some transparencySelect ColorYOU must use [adjust Opacity] and set it to less than 100, for color or image to show.
Enter the URL of The image for your skinTo Use one of my skins, click on the skin (skins shown in Iframe to Right). To change the skin library click on a library name, (listed just below the iframe to the right) Or choose a skin from another site, using the below links.YOU must use [adjust Opacity] and set it to less than 100, for color or image to show.Skin Repeat Vertical PositionHorizontal Position
Skin Libraries, Click One to See Skins
Single Song PlayerPlaylist/Multi-Song Player
full 295x51clipped 40x51clipped 295x51clipped 110x42clipped 294x97FULL 295x400
neon/flashingplain/flashing/mixed themesneon/flashingflashing/neonmixed themesmixed themes
cartoon/cutecartoon/disney/mickeycartoon/cutecartoon/disney/mickeyabstract, neon, flashing, rainbow, tiedienature
nature/sky/ ocean/ waterfalls/ animals67x59naturenaturecute/cartoonplain/ controls
abstracthearts/starsabstractabstractflashing, neon
dots/spotssports/college logosdots/spotsdots/spotscute/cartoon
skulls/dark themessports/college logosskulls/dark
bands/artists/celebritieshearts/shapesreligious, patrioticLinks to OTHER SITES
Links to OTHER SITESbands/artists/celebritiestiedie, rainbowcreatiivelytz playlist skins
creatiivelytz single song player skinsskulls/darkplainmyspace-compilation fullskins
Links to Other Sites offering Music Player Skins
Sites using this Generator with their Skins
creative-lytz(Very Cool Unique Skins that you will not find on any other site.)
enchovalve(echovalve music themed skins)

Other sites offering Skins
catzgfx.com (Very Cool Motion Skins and more)
More Skin Choices (Creative Layouts)

To Make a Skin request OR to leave Comments, related to the use of this Code, Please visit Eileen's MySpace or Blogger Page
Eileen's Blogger Page.
Eileen's MySpace Page.
Eileen's Original Blogger Entry where Music Player Skin Code was first Published.
Contents to Eileen's MySpace Code Tutorials
mySpace 2.0 custom contact table skins
List of Skins in libraries that will show up in iframe:
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